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The Bingham Library Trust Today

The Bingham Library Trust is named after the Trust benefactor, Daniel George Bingham. Bingham was a native of the town whose philanthropy endowed the Bingham Library which first opened in September 1905 in Dyer Street.

Bingham’s intention was to provide “a place to study for recreation and for reasonable amusement; a permanent resource for the student desirous of supplementing the education which he has already received in his school days and a pleasant refuge for the ordinary reader”. A more detailed account of Daniel Bingham and the story of the Trust can be found here.

Today the Trust supports, encourages and provides for the promotion of education in the appreciation of art, including music, of persons under the age of 30 years resident in Cirencester.

Furthermore, the Trust promotes art, archives and local studies material related to Cirencester and the surrounding area and ensures access for all.